Quality commitment

The animal feed quality system of INPROQUISA, S.A. is based on GMP+B3 whose priority is to guarantee the quality of the feeding security from the food chain.

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Certificate HACCP
for Human Consumption

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Regulation (CE)

Regulation CE
No 183/2005

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Alfa Raw Materials - Aditives

The quality control is based on our proactive risk control, finishing the production line of the food materials suppliers with the “warning” as a security system.

It is especially focused to extend the quality control for the foreign suppliers of feed materials and is based on the HACCP “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”. In its context the HACCP indicates the methods used by this organization to ensure the quality of the feed, including the process guidelines. The quality system of our raw materials is part of the control system of the pigs, poultry, cattle and livestock sectors.


Compliance with current legislation:

Inproquisa, aware of their responsibility to society, strictly obey The European Union legislation, in particular: Regulation (EC) Nº 1069/2009 of the European Parliament, the Council and the Regulation (EU) Nº 142/2011 of the Commission establish the community legal frame from March 4th, 2011 applicable to the animal byproducts not to be used for human consumption and the products derived from them (SANDACH), being the Regulation (CE) 1774/2002 repealed from the above mentioned date. Regulation (EC)183/2005 of 12 January, where they state requirements for feed hygiene.

Control of our products:

Inproquisa is very selective about the type of products that we buy because the end consumer depends on it. That is why we always sell products according to the rules of good practice and of the current European Union legislation.

Validation system of our products, through the analysis control:

Inproquisa, SA, currently maintains a service contract with a renowned prestige laboratory accredited by ENAC. It is an independent laboratory that offers its technical advisory services, physical-chemicals analysis, microbiological and genetic with quality assurance. Taking into account the experience that the laboratory has, we take advantage of its quality, professionalism, technology and service. Translated into equivalent results: Safety, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. This allows us to provide specific solutions to specific problems, reliable results and advice safeguarded.


• The system of traceability in accordance with the application of the Regulation (CE) 1069/2009 being the Regulation (CE) 1774/2002 repealed from the above mentioned date REG (CE) 178/2002; the information about final products is needed to estimate which risk can come up  during the production process or what dangers could be presented in the final products (feed) that affects the animals and humans. The team HACCP organizes this information, using technical specification of the final products.

Our traceability system allows:

• The history record of any product, from the data contained in the label, in particular, batch number.
• Analyzing a potential problem or a complaint with absolute transparency towards our customers.
• Take the product out of the market in an easy way, if necessary.



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